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We have all been to weddings or parties and had fun by taking crazy selfies in a photo or video booth!  First time I came across a photo booth I was suprised to see the impact it had on guests and the whole vibe of the party.  People were having fun with it and it really brought everyone together.

I started looking to rent one for a special day, only to find out that it was really expensive! Renting one for your party, wedding or corporate event will cost you anything between $1000-$3000. I for one, could not afford it. It felt like something was not right. I believe that technology should always be democratized and never "exclusive".

I asked myself how can I change all of that for good and finally place a video booth at every party, for any occasion and budget. How can I help young couples getting married and all high-tech party people to enjoy this technology without breaking the bank.

This is our answer. It’s called Boothic, and it is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth Kit.

Bring the fun to any event: Weddings, birthdays, kids parties, office parties, crazy get-togethers, karaoke nights, cocktail parties, game nights, house partiesand more.


Your guests will interact with boothic to record immersive portrait-style, Instagram-ready videos with Augmented Reality faces and HD resolution.

Boothic will capture all the fun and give you and your guests unforgettable video memories—The perfect gift bag!

The videos are super-easy to share with everyone by scanning a QR code or by entering the video number at boothic.com while there are many options to share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, E-mail and more.

WARNING—The videos are sure to contain: Crazy dancing, off-key singing, kissing, wishes, words of (not-so-much) wisdom, a lot of laughter, silliness and general unpredictable social behavior.


We’re so excited to be on Kickstarter and hope you’ll join us for the exciting ride of making boothic a reality.

We have spent nearly two years developing boothic and only started this campaign when we were 100% confident in our ability to deliver the product we had envisioned.

During this time we’ve made countless tests and prototypes while refining the final concept. The hardware development is now complete while the app is in the final beta testing phase.

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Nick Damofli

Boothic is the easiest and most entertaining way to add a photo booth at your next event.
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