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Meet the Future of Photo Booths

Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth kit for all. Affordable, easy to set up and tons of fun !

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Boothic Video Booth Kit 🔥 The party gadget 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth Kit

Bring the fun to any event.

Weddings, birthdays, kids parties, office parties, crazy get-togethers, bachelor / bachelorette parties, karaoke nights, cocktail parties, game nights, house parties and more!

The party gadget 🔥

Boothic Photo Booth Kit 🔥 The party gadget 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Video Booth Kit

Introducing boothic

Boothic is the easiest and most entertaining way to add a photo booth at your next event.

A new, super-affordable Digital Video Guestbook that includes a unique tablet stand and an Augmented Reality video booth app.

Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth

Unique tablet stand

Photo Booth app

Augmented Reality faces

Social sharing

party animals photo booth

Bring your guests closer

Boothic will capture all the fun and give you and your guests amazing video memories—The perfect giftbag!

Boothic hashtag #boothicBoothic hashtag #boothic

Create your Photo Booth in 5 minutes


Assemble the stand—Easy step-by-step instructions and video tutorial.

photo booth
digital video guestbook

Download Boothic app on your tablet—Available for iOS and android.


Have fun—Create video memories and share with friends.

event photo booth

Desktop Tablet Stand

Universal tablet stand with light

wedding gadget
wedding Do-It-Yourself booth
Do-It-Yourself photo booth
Do It Yourself photo booth
tablet stand
video booth

Boothic tablet stand is carefully designed to be stylish, functional and sturdy 🔥

You can set it up anywhere, placing it on a table. No tools necessary. The mount supports any tablet size up to 11'', while it has an embedded super bright LED light perfect for your evening party.

Overall dimensions: 27.6" x 14.2" x 12.6"- 70cm x 36cm x 32cm

Do-it-yourself Photo Booth

Powerful LED light

Circuit on Board LED light. The perfect glow 💡

photo booth diy

Setup anywhere

You can place Boothic on any table or bench. Easy setup in 5 minutes.

Do It Yourself photo booth

Universal tablet support

Adjustable tablet mount - Holds up to 11'' tablets. Includes charger cable routing

wedding photo booth

Party proof

Durable construction made of Polypropylene, Laminated microwelle & ABS

DIY photo booth

Unique design

Foldable, Lightweight & Easily transportable

Augmented Reality
Photo Booth app

A redesigned Photo Booth experience—No operator necessary

Photo Booth app

Boothic app for iOS* is a unique, fully automated Video Booth app for your tablet. Guests record immersive portrait-style, Instagram-ready videos with Augmented Reality effects and HD resolution. It's tons of fun and a great way to create unforgettable video memories — Includes 50+ amazing effects.

* Android version coming soon

Photo booth app

Bring your guests together. Boothic can recognize up to 5 people together and apply Augmented Reality Party Props and Snapchat-like AR filters. Effects include amusing party props, animal masks, funhouse mirror, beauty filter, Green Screen Filter - background occlusion and much more.

Boothic is for everyone. Intuitive / fully automated operation and clear user instructions make it ideal for unattended installations. Boothic will impress and entertain ALL of your guests. Computer geeks and noobs welcome.

The social Photo Booth

Videos automatically upload online ready for your guests to download or share to social media.

Boothic Photo Booth app logo

Photo Booth App

Share with guests

Guests can view their videos by scanning a QR code or by entering their video number at

Social media sharing

Guests can share their videos directly to E-mail, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and more.

Video Storage

Videos upload online and are stored for 30 days while they also get saved on your tablet

Fully automated

Intuitive / fully automated operation and clear user instructions.

Video quality

You can adjust the quality of the videos. Low • Medium • High • Very high

Video duration

You can adjust the maximum video duration.
15 • 30 • 45 Seconds

Share with guests

share video qr code

You can disable the upload/sharing option from the app settings.

Ready to rock your next event?

Boothic app


Unlimited videos
Unattended operation
Augmented Reality Props
Snapchat-like AR filters
Includes over 50 effects
Up to 4 people together
30 days video storage
Guests video access
Share on social & email
Video code - QR code
Portrait style HD videos
Instagram ready
Apple app store
“Wow!!! Just what I was looking for. It made my party stand out.”
Terry Silva
“Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by the videos! Setup was really easy.”
Sylvia Bowen
“Best wedding gift ever! Everyone had a blast!”
Leona Yates
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A few things 🙄
you could ask us:

If you don't find your answer please get in touch!

Do I have to set up a backdrop?

No. Boothic is an Augmented Reality video booth and provides special backdrop filters along with face mask effects.!

Does Boothic require an attendant?

No. You set it up and then just leave it for your guests to use. The app is so simple that it will walk your guests through the video recording and sharing process with ease.

How long does the battery last?

You can party non-stop for a week or so!

Do I need internet?

You need internet if you will be using the guest sharing option.

How much free space do I need on my tablet?

This depends on the number of guests and how social they will be. Each video will take up 3-4mb of space on your tablet.

Can I use boothic stand with other apps?

Sure! We have been using the stand to make Zoom meetings, Skype video calls, create Instagram stories and the list goes on.

Why a video booth?

Well... If a photo is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? +We believe a video booth is more fun than a photo booth!

For how long do you store the videos?

For the party organizer: The videos are saved on your device.
For guests: We store all videos online for 30 days. Feel free to download your videos and keep them forever.

Is a tablet included?

No you will have to use your own!

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